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A dear friend wrote this! Adorable, sensitive, and thoughtful way to put your child’s separation anxiety into perspective in a way they can understand. Amazing work Sarah Behnk! If you want a copy, you can order online or I can pick one up for you! (Made in the good ole USA)

Stephanie Rougellis shared Mama, Where Are You Going?‘s post.

I’m so proud of my friend for writing this book! She is so right, being a mom is hard but it is especially hard when we have to leave our little ones and they just don’t understand. Every single morning Ray asks me where I’m going, and every morning I have to explain it to him knowing he does not understand. This would make a great morning book! I used to read a book during breakfast and have since let that habit go, well here we go Sarah Behnk, thank you for being awesome!

Yay! My friend Sarah Behnk wrote a kid’s book. I love the premise! And it looks adorable. You should go buy a copy or four.


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